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sauna deti
We are taking a sauna until the end of March - join us!
16. 2. 2023

Children from Koala kindergartens enjoy the sauna every week. But our neighbors can also try it. The sauna season lasts until the end of March.

Private groups can also use the sauna. Choose any day from Monday to Thursday between 14:00 and 17:00. The price is 1400 CZK / hour and the maximum capacity is 4 children and 4 adults.

The price also includes an entrance fee worth CZK 400 to the playhouse with a cafe, where children can play after the sauna and parents can relax.
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Regular visits to the sauna have a beneficial effect on human health, strengthen the organism and make it more resistant. In Scandinavia, children start taking saunas from the age of three months. As a result, they have higher resistance to illness, especially in autumn and winter.

From October to March, we sauna children once a week according to the following rules, consulted with paediatricians:

Temperature: max up to 60°C
Time: max 5 min
Cooling: we use Kneipp showers with tepid water, followed by a short spray of cold water on the hands and feet.
Rest: 10-15 min in a bathrobe

Note: Under no circumstances do we cool the head and back of the child, also jumping into an ice pool and cooling under a bucket is inappropriate for children. While adults should cycle through warm-up and cool-down at least three times, children only need one warm-up and shower.