Who will you meet in KOALA


"I prepare a full day program and I look after your children every day. I gained my pedagogical education along with my experience during many years of work with children and for several years I also worked in the Fund of Endangered Kids (Klokánek). When not at work I like to do massages, aromatherapy or reiki."


"I am committed to the safety of children in our little children's center and at the playground, zoo or theater, and I make sure there is always some tasty meal during lunchtime. I am a musician (guitar and vocalist) in private life and I am involved in the organization of entertaining cultural events. I'm helping a charity project called MDA Ride which helps children with muscular dystrophy."


"I came all the way from Australia to keep the children company. When you come visit us try to exchange a few words with me, or give me a treat. I love nuts, seeds, but cannot stand the damn jingle bell! "


Student of the Prague Conservatory. She sings in the Evangelical Choir and plays several musical instruments including piano and violin. She practices correct breathing with children and teach them the musical basics in a fun way with children's songs.


She helps with the preparation and management of the art classes, which we hold in KOALA regularly from October to June.


Musical actresses teach the basics of dance and drama class through simple games. During the movement practise, the children stretch well, learn to breathe properly and manage more challenging exercises. They learn to work with their own bodies and embody different animals, colors, numbers or verbal language.


Anička is a well-known television and theater actress you can meet in Koala as an occasional help.