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Koala Zvonařka

Sauna / Steam

Regular visits to the sauna have a beneficial effect on human health, strengthen the organism and make it more resistant. In Scandinavia, children start taking saunas from the age of three months. As a result, they have higher resistance to illness, especially in autumn and winter.

From October to March, we sauna children once a week according to the following rules, consulted with paediatricians:

Temperature: max up to 60°C
Time: max 5 min
Cooling: we use Kneipp showers with tepid water, followed by a short spray of cold water on the hands and feet.
Rest: 10-15 min in a bathrobe

Note: Under no circumstances do we cool the head and back of the child, also jumping into an ice pool and cooling under a bucket is inappropriate for children. While adults should cycle through warm-up and cool-down at least three times, children only need one warm-up and shower.